• Accounting monitoring of companies with diplographic or haplographic books, computerized at the headquarters of the company or in our offices.
  • Accounting organization, accounting operation supervision, organization and supervision of accounting systems, internal control, warehouses, costing, etc.
  • Establishment of companies, mergers, modifications, general changes in the Register.
    Preparation of balance sheet and Financial Statements
  • Design, implementation, and development of financial reporting reports for both internal use (MIS Reporting) and external use (banks, auditors, Tax Authorities, third parties).
  • Weekly personal contact with the executives of our Company.
  • Implementation and development of budget control, cash flow, costing, and analytical accounting systems.
  • Prudential tax audit of all tax items of your business. The tax department of our office offers specialized and responsible advice and solutions for all issues that will be raised or need to be investigated.
  • Tax Planning tailored exclusively to the needs of your business.
  • Appeals – Divisions – Separations – Liquidations.