MPL Private Accounting, in the context of its continuous effort for quality and immediate provision of tax services, applies the innovative method ETS (Express Tax Solutions).

We can undertake and provide services and immediate solutions, not only on a monthly and permanent basis but even in individual cases.

We undertake the immediate processing of tax, labor, and accounting issues, from the control and preparation of the annual Financial Statements to the simple completion and submission of a monthly VAT return.

The associates of our company are committed to coming to the customer’s headquarters and process even in one day, any urgent tax or labor obligation that arises, without any obligation for a future commitment by the Legal or Natural person, to continue the cooperation.

We undertake the receipt by the customer of the necessary supporting documents, their completion, and submission to the competent service within 24 hours.


Having the philosophy that effective organization in business means above all improvement of human resources and development of executives, we focus on the human factor and the development of efficient processes in all the projects we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Our goal is:

  • To provide value-added services to the customer in addition to our standard obligations.
  • To fulfill our obligations to the customer with a very fast response and communication that exceeds his expectations.
  • To emphasize simplicity thus ensuring the functionality of the services we offer.

MPL Private Accounting has as its main goal the provision of a high level of accounting, labor, and tax services. Its executives have many years of experience in large and small companies in the financial market with continuous training and information from our executives to our distinguished customers.

Our goals are:

  • Providing the most appropriate consulting services so that we can help grow your business by involving your Company in any form of development programs, in an on-time organization, and information solutions just when you need them tailored exclusively for you.
  • Our strategy is oriented towards the full utilization of new technologies, while we are expanding in the wider area of ​​business organization. Our perspective and main concern is to cover the whole range of both the tax policy of your company and its general financial planning.
  • We treat our customers responsibly, regardless of their size, with honesty, seriousness, and confidentiality, principles that are the basis of our every cooperation. We are by their side in every situation, always giving the best possible solution for them.